Ronaldinho Gaúcho • TheRevival? • 2009/2010 • AC Milan • MaikelR10

Downloadlink: Here it is, my compilation about Ronaldinho Gaúcho in 2009/ten. The first period of the Brazilian in Italy was not extraordinary to make a video about, but this year Ronnie confirmed his magic again. The double FIFA Entire world Player of the Yr was really critical for the Rossoneri with lots of objectives and even a lot more helps. Allow we all hope this is only the starting and get pleasure from Ronaldinho’s magic! Downloadlink:

25 comments on “Ronaldinho Gaúcho • TheRevival? • 2009/2010 • AC Milan • MaikelR10

  • rasubeats says:

    you can argue about who´s the best player, but you cant deny the fact that he´s the last artist in football. c. ronaldo can shot very well and is fast as f*** but he has NO authentic creativity…

  • FuriousCracKKer says:

    this man was coming back… but he is in Flamengo now, don’t think we will see the king take his crown back.. if that coach only let him have more time after these matches I believe he would of trained hard and become the best again, don’t think he will be a star anymore, GL in Flamengo my childhood hero. =/

  • Queenmaniaco666 says:

    Hey Guy! will you keep making videos of ronaldinho on flamengo ? Thanks 😉

  • shadowfox8882 says:

    @LHSLuna23: This seems to be a major problem with most brazilians…. They cut downn their prime so much because of lack of dedication… oh well i still love the samba style and i think a great coach could have gotten ronnie to be back to his best

  • LHSLuna23 says:


    Ronaldinhos Avility sadly matches his irresponsability and cares more about the parties than the team ha
    thats why he is going away from europe just like Ronaldo

  • shadowfox8882 says:

    Ronnie is just out of this world cant believe AC Milan letting him go…. even more shocked no other european team went for him

  • ethemshakur says:


  • Bak3dB3an says:

    2:39 i can’t believe he did it again….

    Amazing shoulder control…. no ne can get it up there unless they take it with their hands or try and kick you in the face lol. genius.

  • Beatdown2k8 says:

    messi is nothing near ronaldinhos 05/06 level as of yet. No doubt messi is the best. But ronaldinho was unstoppable back then and is the only player Ive seen over the last ten years to have a ‘complete’ game. Pace,heading ability,agility,unrivaled dribbling,assists,set-pieces,finishing,strength,ability to assist.

    Messi has about 3 or 4 of those tops. This is not lessening messis ability or what have you, but it was literally impossible to mark ronaldinho out of a game. Messi you can.

  • KevinKellyLFC says:

    @7GAMER9 At the moment is it? Becuase the level Messi is at now is easily the same if not more Roanldinho ever got to,don;t get me wrong some of the stuff he done ws beyond belief,also his influence was uncomprehendable.. Until Messi got going… NOW, Messi is unstoppable,weather he wins a world cup might be beyond his own powers,buy boy will he give it a go.. So in Concluslusion, that list is a tad messed up 😀

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