Ronaldinho Gaúcho • This was it • Barcelona, 2003 till 2008 • by MaikelR10

Several thank you to Tasteking10, Nitterify, CaR10 & Sevan. Right here you can obtain it: Ultimately I completed my compilation about Ronaldinho, it is a video about his period of time in Barcelona. This was it he confirmed magic in Catalunya and misplaced it right after his transfer to AC Milan. Appreciate it! Downloadlink:
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25 comments on “Ronaldinho Gaúcho • This was it • Barcelona, 2003 till 2008 • by MaikelR10

  • gbtrickdogg says:

    @fudgemant yah but u gotta admit hes gotten old he cant do a lot like he could before and thank god they sold him to another team that’ll put him in at least 3/4 of the time

  • fudgemant says:


  • Hey guys, He is coming back to Brazil this year but you can still watch him play! Don’t miss Flamengo matches!

  • Evrenovic says:

    I become very sad when I watch this.. Im a Juve-fan.. I know Ronaldinho was a Del Piero fan.. but.. He was magical.. He IS magical. No other player has his style, his charisma.. Everybody just must love his smile and his honest play. I remember if the referee gave Barca a freekick (to Ronaldinho), he would say “no, I made a freekick, not him” and gave them the ball.. We will miss to see you in European football 🙁 I loved to watch him in Barcelona..

  • raywindow123 says:

    Damn is HE the best player of all time in this period? or is it too small of a timespan to say that?!

  • fudgemant says:

    NO RONALDINHO STILL HAS IT COM ON I THOUGHT U WERE A RONALDINHO FAN> HIS FANS WILL FOLLOW HIM TO WHAT EVERY DECISION HE MAKES! HE IS NOT OLD AND DID NOT SURTENLY LOSE HIS MAGIC! lol srry but i disagree. sure ronaldinho was amazing and really good then but still he is my fav and is the best in the world still

  • Gekko02223321 says:

    @CRYPTONIGHT196 No. Not just any videos. This video is so inspiring and well made. I have watched many pele and ronaldinho videos, but none as good as this.

  • Lewwwissssss says:


    261k views is nothing major for youtube thesedays sorry i dont get a dick frenzy off views I have a life and I didn’t really have any choice this came up when I typed ” ronaldino all goals” so shut the fuck up

  • Ryan11ronaldinho says:

    @Lewwwissssss if u dnt like these videos dont watch them, idiot. btw notice hows theres 261808 views, thats because its also entertaining wif the synchronised music

  • sidesh7 says:

    hes a bastard eh, so many time through the oppositions legs hahhaahahah hes amazing

  • Lewwwissssss says:

    I am fucking SIck of seeing these gay videos with music in them, i don’t give a shit if you have made his tricks in synchronisation with black eyed peas wouldn’t it just be nice for commentary with all his goals the guy fucking deserves a tribute video If i wanted to see Ronaldinho tricks video;
    you think i would have typed it?

  • 0yProductions says:

    aaaah that’s a sick intro!!!

    Boom boom boom gotta get that 0:55

    fantastic vid!

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