Ronaldinho vs. FC Barcelona | Gamper Trophy 2010/2011 – Special Entrance

Sorry that the top quality is not that excellent, but I wish you like it although. I couldn’t discover much better clips in quick time… A quite particular second for all Ronnie-Followers and I wager also for Ronaldinho himself. Everything went by means of our heads. Anything of 5 a long time in Barcelona. Right after his transfer to AC Milan he played versus Barcelona for the 1st time. A odd, but also a fantastic feeling. Particularly the entrance was remarkable.
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25 comments on “Ronaldinho vs. FC Barcelona | Gamper Trophy 2010/2011 – Special Entrance

  • thanubest says:

    I miss Ronaldinho in blue red tshirt πŸ™ but Ronaldinho the hero comeback at flamengo!

  • OscaarBoNNevier says:

    @hndrxuntilidie Well maybe not drinkingproblems but, he’s out partying too much, and then i suppose he drink some shots πŸ™‚ But your right, my bad for writing drinking problem, it should be ”too much out on bars” well it’s good that he live he’s life aswell.

  • hndrxuntilidie says:

    @OscaarBoNNevier, What drinking problem does he have? That’s news to me.

  • Aqselssonii says:

    Ohh man… Goodbye Ronnie πŸ™ You are the best player in this world. Better than Maradona. Messi is nothing next to you. Hope we can see you in Brazil WC 2014.

  • valci25 says:

    nao se esqueça barata que o corinthias tirou o ronaldo em cima da hora do flamengo, fique esperto com ronaldinho, podemos tiralo tbm

  • hndrxuntilidie says:

    It’s really impossible to watch this and not tear up a little, especially with the music.

  • donsennep says:

    Ronaldinho, the living legend, you are my favorite player, I watched this live, and cried when Puyol started to look after you and give you the pocal… Puyol, i love you… Ronaldinho….. I worship you, I love you, you are my God! <3

  • jackalsdole says:

    This Theme is a good fIt…After dinho’s trade to milan, things have sobered up for him
    NOt the energy he used to in Barca..But STill MAd Respek to him
    Fav Player of all time

  • hey man … looovee the video infact i love all your videos and i swear i wait for ur new ones all the time.. keep it up man .. seriously ur the best πŸ™‚
    i just wanna ask you for a favor man .. i want the fans calling for ronaldinho on 2:59 i could not find it any where ! i wanna use for fifa 11 and for my mobile as a tone πŸ˜› please let me know where to find it or if u can just post it it would be amazing πŸ™‚
    thanks alot man.

  • Zihab2000 says:

    at 1:29 ,., he was so nervous and about to cry but he forced him self not to cry by jumping and warming up and doing anything just go get over it !!

  • Zihab2000 says:

    I loved Barca just because of you Ronaldinho !! :”)

    Forza Milan !!

    Viva Barca !!

    Forza Ronaldinho !!!

  • He is the best by many things even he is cool man with his smile woow the only player he has the same smile is Kaka πŸ™‚

  • wilton0510 says:

    its amazing that puyol actually asked ronaldinho to take a team photo with barca

  • TheMrbooz says:

    Dont worry about the quality of the video. The music and emotion are larger. Tks

  • gelamailboy says:

    fuck you pepe guradiola we want back to Ronaldinho.when guardiola come in barcelona he said that i don’t want Ronaldinho in my team.. and for this he is asshole.!!

  • otpenagos says:

    Dinho will replace Messi when messi gets old, because Dinho never gets old, he will be always the same joga bonito kid!!!

  • Pavel966 says:

    thank u ronaldinho!
    All though I didn’t meet him. His legend and his saga and his story is just that. Ronaldinho, we all have to tip our hat to him. Because he made the game available to guys like me.

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