Ronaldinho – World’s Greatest Soccer Player

Article by James Wills

Ronaldinho is 1 of the world’s biggest soccer players. You most likely have noticed his Nike commercial in which it reveals him as a young boy, and also reveals him at his current age. It shows him kicking the ball up in the air and producing defenders glimpse like fools, and then at the extremely stop he rolls the ball in with his head. The amazing issue about this business is that it is not a lot of an embellishment of the skills that he possesses. I have seen matches when he displays some of these exact same skills, and helps make the defenders search just as bad.

Ronaldinho grew up in a poor village in Brazil. His father died when he was only 8 many years outdated, and his loved ones remained bad until his brother Roberto signed to play skilled soccer. Ronaldinho first obtained notoriety when he was 13, and scored 23 goals versus a neighborhood team. Even though, Ronaldinho is the world’s greatest soccer player, he is nevertheless quite humble. His humility makes he quite appealing to me, simply because I do not like cocky gamers. Some reporters not too long ago commented that he was the best soccer player in the globe, and he instructed them he did not even feel he was the greatest player in Barcelona. He has also been asked what he does with all of his money, and he says that he gives it to his mother. The reporters then asked if she was managing it for him, and he said no it is her income.

He has also been quoted as stating that even if he was not paid any cash, he would nonetheless play just the very same. In 2005, he was the highest paid soccer player in the planet, at .5 million, such as salaries and merchandising. His picture is worth an estimated .3 million, which is the most beneficial in the earth. Ronaldinho is related with a lot of brand names during the globe, but Nike is probably the most nicely identified of the brands.

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