25 comments on “Ronaldinho’s comeback on Camp Nou for Barcelona – AC Milan

  • KingDcome11 says:

    Forever a barca idol !!! Well never forget you especially the times you humiliated Madrid haha . I almost cried ;(

  • donsennep says:

    Ronaldinho, the living legend, you are my favorite player, I watched this live, and cried when Puyol started to look after you and give you the pocal… Puyol, i love you… Ronaldinho….. I worship you, I love you, you are my God! <3

  • Taikamya says:

    Ronaldinho is his prime was.. Pelé in the 60’s. Nobody could even come close to him. I’m not comparing Ronaldinho to Pelé, i’m comparing performance gaps between themselves and the others players.

    EXCELLENT player. 2005-2006, Ronaldinho really was godlike.

  • Taikamya says:

    @faelhelsing stop reading shit. what ik14n said is that you can say whatever you want about Messi. But first of all, Messi have to top Ronaldinho. THAN he can go to challenge the big ones.

    Maradona? Well, now-a-days, Messi has not the same international approach but i saw Maradona playing and Messi is not that far away behind. However, compare him to Pelé is apples to oranges. Nobody can be compared to that guy. I’ve seen all of his films, read all the interviews and stuff. Pelé was THE one.

  • all know the best thing in the world is……Ronaldinho in the Barca…becouse barca without ronaldinho isn’t the same barca. RoNaLdInHo 4 ever best

  • this put the biggest smile on my face :). i’m gonna miss him. Barca will always remember you ronaldinho

  • wawaras29 says:

    alguien me puede decir donde puedo ver el partido
    o bno
    lo mejor del partido????

  • faelhelsing says:

    dude wtf? messi better than pelé and maybe the new maradona?
    he will never play like pelé or even maradona! stop saying shit!

  • Much is said that Messi may be the new Maradona, be even better than Pele, but first he must overcome this guy here, as the best player that Barcelona already had in its history

  • MagoGaucho10 says:

    Morire y dire lo mismo

    Ronaldinho el mejor de todos los tiempos por siempre!!!

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