25 comments on “Ronaldo every goal for Barcelona (part 1)

  • mwnzouenkeu says:

    enough with the messi ronaldo shit. this just shows how people cannot appreciate football talent for what is is. Messi is a phenomenal dribbler and ronaldo is a phenomenal goalscorer end of story. comparing both is like comparing a bugatti with an enzo, 2 great cars but great at different eras. everybody now only knows bugatti just as everybody then knew the enzo. respect talent for what it is, not what it compares to.

  • 1089toly says:

    Para mí RONALDO es el mejor 9 de todos los tiempos, se le va a extrañar mucho en los comentarios de goles del fin de semana, ADIOS RONALDO y gracias por entregar jugadas y goles fantásticos en tu carrera.

  • OwnerFromKeyLargo says:

    So much speed, so much power, so much accuracy, such composer…EL MEJOR EL FENOMENO!!

  • riogrande100 says:

    @mhenriquems Straight up that was like a running back running cutting through defense whilst people trying to tackling with their arms!

  • boss180888 says:

    @BLBarcellos again colective titles…i’m not gonna debate with you about this you’re like the madrid fans who when asked wich team plays better they answer that it is real madrid because they have 9 champions league 😛 oh well i suppose cafu is also better than messi because he won the world cup too…you really don’t have a better argument do you? XD let’s not waste my time any longer shall we?

  • La mayoría de sus goles son IGUALES , esto claro no le resta mérito a que halla sido un excelente jugador!!

  • ramos1berto says:

    Looking to him making these thins seems so easy…
    Let me think… Without the contusions and with a ‘calm’ life how long he could have gone?…

  • osorious says:

    Por siempre Ronaldo será un grande entre los grandes.

    Gracias por compartir este vídeo.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • dhollseed says:

    thank you for uploading the perfect football video: no music, original commentary, and one replay per goal.


  • BLBarcellos says:

    @boss180888 Ronaldo was badly injuried for 3 years of his career. And 98 against france, when he was at his top, it was A WORLD CUP FINAL, when he had a seizure before the game, against ZIZOU, the other genius from the 90’s. When Messi get’s to a World Cup Final, maybe we can argue kid.

  • @boss180888 “just the idiot they’d throw the ball to so he could score in the world cup of 2002 AND TELL ME HOW COME HE NEVER DID SHIT AGAINST FRANCE?” – That statement is one of the stupidest things I have ever read. Congratulations.

  • Lpurchase says:

    There has never been a more powerful forward at that top level in the history of the game.

  • Just announced his retirement.

    Buena suerte crack, en Madrid siempre te recordaremos con cariño: lento, gordo, o cojo siempre acababas metiendo goles cuando más se necesitaba. Y cuando jugaste en Barcelona fuiste el 9 perfecto, ¿acaso lo duda alguien?

  • boss180888 says:

    @BLBarcellos 2002 title for madrid and 2004 right so… that is 4 european titles in all his life messi is 23 and has won that much!!! yes of course dinho,eto’o,deco and the rest won the 05 and 06 titles but you were the one starting to give colective titles to individuals when you said ronaldo had won 2 world cups so fuck-off YOUR LOGIC!!! ronaldo was just the idiot they’d throw the ball to so he could score in the world cup of 2002 AND TELL ME HOW COME HE NEVER DID SHIT AGAINST FRANCE?

  • BLBarcellos says:

    @boss180888 The 2 ultimate arguments when someone is a losing a debate: name calling and lies. He won 2 la ligas with Madrid. Messi should thank Ronaldinho a lot for those 2 la ligas and the one Champions League. He barely played in the first one. But it’ ok. If you want to kiss Messi’s ass, that’s your problem. Come back when he wins his first World Cup. Better yet, when he gets to the world cup final. That’s when we can start comparing. Kisses.

  • boss180888 says:

    @BLBarcellos you idiot if you want to reply at least do it well…messi 4 la ligas and 2 champions league and you’re comparing it with ronaldo’s LIFETIME CAREER of 3 league titles 2 of wich IN THE DUTCH LEAGUE and 1 champions league? shut up!!!

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