Ronaldo – Through The Ages – The Best Of

The greatest of Brazilian Ronaldo by way of the diverse eras of his occupation. Focussing in on his profession at Barcelona, Inter Milan, True Madrid and Brazil. Be aware: I produced a error, i accidentally place ronaldo scored ninety goals for brazil when he scored 74. Which can make hes complete 354. But i cant be arsed to upload the vid once again. Tags: Brazil Brazilian Ronaldo C.Ronaldo the real ronaldo AC Milan PSV targets soccer fantastic wonderful extended shots dribbles tricks outstanding grasp very best gamers.

25 comments on “Ronaldo – Through The Ages – The Best Of

  • XxMightyMonkeyxX says:

    @09088908 He did it for the popularity. I mean that causes an uproar with fans giving him attention.

  • brasucasoul says:

    1- Pelé
    2- Ronaldo
    3- Garrincha
    4- Romário
    3- Zico
    4- Ronaldinho

    Brasil rules football.

  • 09088908 says:

    Ronaldo had no loyalty to any team. Being at Barca, than going to its rival Real Madrid. Going to Inter Milan, then going to its rival Ac Milan. I mean, C’mon. Have some respect. He should have stayed at barcelona…

  • atnighthawk says:

    @warriorprince1010 A goal ratio of a goal/game pretty much in Brazil/Dutch/Spanish leagues. The last person to score over 30 goals in Serie A which at the time was the hardest/best league in the world. Finished his career with a record of over 2 goals every 3 games including after injury when older and slower. All time WC top goalscorer. 3x World player of the year. Ballon D’or x 2. Top goalscorer in every country he played in. Incredibly fast, skillful, great shot. you didnt see enough clearly.

  • sockerman09 says:

    @warriorprince1010 lol you’re obviously like 15. You forgot to mention he’s a 3 time Fifa World Player of the year, Won 2 World Cups, was a part of 3 finals, all-time leading goal scorer in World Cup history. So how are these credentials not enough to qualify you as one of the best of all time? Mind you, he did all that while suffering 2 serious knee injuries during his prime. Name a better Center Forward.

  • wantedsalman1 says:

    those 2 people who have disliked this video need a life FAST

    thubs up if u agree that RONALDO is the greatest striker ever

  • @simen666andersen I actually found it its: Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar. This one is the Tiesto Remix I think

  • juicyi3ig says:

    @warriorprince1010 .. sorry man but he was def legendary. If he’s not one of the best of all time, i don’t know who is.

  • warriorprince1010 says:

    1 good season at Barca, 3 at Real Madrid and one good world cup.

    A great striker, yes but not one of the best footballers of all time.

    Although I loved watching him.

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