Despite suffering an embarrassing exit in the Champions League, Barcelona manager Tito Vilanova has said that the whole season has been a success for the team. Barcelona recently managed to win the fourth league title in five seasons, but the team has suffered disappointments in the cup competitions this season. This is especially true in the case of the Champions League in which they suffered an embarrassing defeat against Bayern Munich in the semifinals. The team was beaten 7-0 on aggregate. This has raised a lot of questions about the manager Vilanova.

However, he has said that the season gone by has been a success and people should not look at the final few months of the season alone. Barcelona have suffered numerous injuries in the last few months, while their manager only recently returned from cancer treatment in New York. The team managed to wrap up the title after the 2-1 win against Atletico Madrid during the weekend. Barcelona came into the match with an opportunity to wrap up the title after Real Madrid’s draw with Espanyol.

One of the major reasons for Barcelona being ineffective against Bayern Munich was the absence of Lionel Messi or for his presence in a partially fit condition.

“It has been a good season. The shame has been that we couldn’t compete better in the Champions League. Next season it will be even more difficult because to be in the semi-finals seven years running is very complicated, but the evaluation of the season is good because in the league we have had a great season. In the Champions League we were not fortunate and the referees haven’t helped us a lot. We are the best team in the league by a distance and there is no doubt about that,” said Vilanova after winning the title.