Real Madrid vs Barcelona (2-6) Best/funniest commentary EVER! HD

18 months later, 190k views later on, this is nevertheless 1 of the finest games at any time and nonetheless the greatest commentary ever! Magnífico ___ This commentator is a genius! Ok so screaming “gol gol gol” is hardly a novelty in Spain but listen to the noises he makes when Henry equalises, or the way he combines languages for Barca’s 4th goal! Each goal is an journey!!! *** Barcelona’s six targets at Santiago Bernabeu on Might 2nd 2009. Domination, demolition, destruction – even so you want to put it, this is how soccer ought to be performed and this is how commentary need to be done! See if you can tell which side the commentator is on… Martin Tyler could learn a whole lot from this guy ) *** ps. I KNOW Henry’s nickname is Titi and that is what the commentator says, but the intonation in his voice seems like he is singing the batman theme!