Christmas in Barcelona

Report by Sheron

Staying for vacations in Barcelona throughout the Xmas is amazing. Since the weather is sunny and favorable and Barcelona lodgings may possibly be identified easy, it is a great time to go there. Barcelona snow is strange but the feeling of Christmas is here anyways.

In Barcelona, the largest provisional industry is called as Feria de Santa Llucia. This industry starts in the first day of December and finishes on Xmas. It is placed before the Barcelona Cathedral, in Placa de la Seu. There may be found anything in terms of Christmas, such as handmade gifts, common decoration and food.

The Caganer has a extended-standing tradition is the country, specially in Catalonia. Translating this Spanish word into English, you will get “pooper.” The title mirrors what the statue is undertaking when it is defecating. Usually, the statue seems like Jesus or Mary, but in current days, this modified to images of celebrities, like politicians or football stars. These statues may be purchased in retailers in the course of Xmas or on numerous Christmas markets.

Christmas is a typical vacation for families, and it is not the exception in Barcelona – you will discover travelers filling the eating places as people collect and solemnize the ending of the year. Each Spanish residence is adorned with the typical Nativity scene, even though there is probably a figure, which not everybody would distinguish. The “caganen” is a statuette of a man bent more than and “enriching” the earth. This custom comes from the literal importance of re-enriching the earth for an additional approaching yr and a major crop.

Maybe the greatest joy for kids is the wait for the coming of the three Kings on the Epiphany or the “Reis Magos.” It is a magic day for kids with each other with the “Magic Kings” coming by boat to the port and carrying out their parade or “cabalgata” throughout the city, throwing huge sweets to the glowing children’s faces who don the paper crowns and wave their flags.

The Tio de Nadal is a wood with a hole positioned in the center. At the front, there is a picture of a face and it has legs and arms. Small presents are positioned in the entire and this is wrapped by a rag.

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