valdes explain to Afellay what to do

fc barcelona vs Sporting de Gij√≥n . this videos reveals some of the good reasons why barcelona draw 1-one in that game . it is present that afellay cant comprehend spanish and the gamers try to connect with him by talking english. other issue demonstrate that pique was thinking in shakira in that game xD. Translation: Valdes: When you are shut to me, you you, you pass the ball to me Valdes to Mascherano: Inform him to pass me the ball when hes shut to me and not to mess up…you know exactly where i am. Mascherano: when you get the ball from them and get near to the place you pass the ball to him. Valdes to iniesta: Man, I have english that scares me I don’t know given that I ate in mc donals I received a english, though I cannot speak, a english a potencial! Pique: Valdes, Valdes, Shakira has a sister that would like to meet you.
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