Kuala Exposed Why Messi Playing with Injure

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The front and Almeria Guardiola Rey with the semi final on this concern cautiously Cup, explained Barcelona will not be a repeat of the scene in the league 8-, but the Barcelona player is usually engaged in a perfect sport, made the initial fifty percent to lead four-, the second 50 % on a ball yet again to finish the sport 5-, the King’s Cup for two consecutive house victory scored five targets. I am quite happy after the sport Lumpur, said that five- is a fantastic outcome, but nevertheless bear in mind the players, the second leg away match absolutely can not take it easy, simply because dropping 1-3 to Real Betis after the lesson we just before us. Melon Shuai said 2nd step has not touched the ball is now legitimate until 5 benefits ought to also be cautious: “five- is a good result, but he had learned in a really significant Betis, which helps make us a lot more peaceful, but now some say that Barcelona has entered the Copa del Rey final. No matter what, to meet with the opposition, we have to go on the street to win the sport to win you can not repeat the blunder of taking part in at Betis. And nowadays we thirteen minutes, scored three targets of Almeria, this is accidental. Barcelona, the advantage of a very good leg, but the second stage is still fighting for a excellent outcome. “Messi with the played in the area nowadays, Harvey played 70 minutes, and both suffered small injuries in the game situation, for a tournament, the team has a big benefit, does not replace half or there is some chance. For this merchandise, melon Shuai also gave an solution: “If this is a league, I have replaced, but the Cup, we want to expose more younger, we need them in the garden to see if. So how health club, since quickly the street Town would also like to play weekend, Gus, and have not replaced Messi, a really critical cause is that he wishes opposition, he wants to stay on the ground scored much more objectives. “Feilai at the moment in the bank, with a good overall performance, melon Shuai also praised the Dutch: “Following arriving in Barcelona very critically, both in and out of bounds and nowadays are much more of a threat, and complete of strength for her. effectiveness, I am really pleased,” also renewed Busquets will be accomplished in Barcelona, in the eyes of Kuala excellent content, minor can Puyol and Xavi and the successor to turn out to be the captain of Barcelona, “will carry on on Busquets is the finest news, but he is younger, but that’s the type player that can carry a wonderful duty, and experience, ideally I can play for many a long time in Barcelona, Carles Puyol with the Barcelona Jersey Soccer and Xavi as his successor.”Actual Madrid has been leased to the city of melon striker Emmanuel Adebayor of Togo’s great that the huge gamers that Actual Madrid has a thriving enterprise, and spoke of the closing of the Copa del Rey this period at Barcelona and Genuine Madrid, possibly the time period between the time the two giants of melon Shuai just do your personal point to do: “Certainly, Barcelona whose players are on Barcelona Jersey and Genuine Madrid do not want to fail, since the two teams are powerful, and prolonged thought that if the Barcelona ultimate, then, is most likely to confront Actual Madrid. “

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