Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has claimed that only Barcelona have the desired squad strength in order to deal with the problems Manchester City have with the number of absentees. Manchester city have not only lost a number of players to the African cup of nations, but they have also lost players due to injuries.

To add further trouble to Roberto Mancini, players like David Silva and Adam Johnson have been extremely out of form in the last few weeks. This has meant that Manchester City have suffered their fifth poor result in the last six matches against Liverpool in the Carling cup semi-final.

This was also the second consecutive home defeat after the 3-2 defeat by Manchester United in the third round of the FA Cup. Now, Roberto Mancini has come out with the excuse saying that Barcelona only can deal with the amount of problems he has been having with his squad over the last few weeks. This will come as a major excuse from the manager, who has spent almost £ 200 million on the first team alone. To add further surprise to his statement, Manchester City also have a reserve squad that is valued at over £ 400 million.

Despite possessing a number of players, Mancini has been complaining throughout the campaign. “Maybe Barcelona could. Manchester City no. In four or five years, Manchester City probably yes. But not now. When I said one month ago that December and January would be the crucial months it was because I know football,” Roberto Mancini said ahead of the match with Wigan athletic. This is quite to be a crucial match for Manchester city given that Manchester United have just drawn level on points with them. Vincent Kompany is going to be unavailable for this match due to his suspension.