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Article by Abel Smith

Sagrada Familia : If you only get to see one thing whilst in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia is it. This huge cathedral has been in a state of construction since as far back as 1882, and there is at least another 20 years or so until it is complete. It is the most famous building of the most famous Spanish architect of them all, Antoni Gaudi, who died in 1926. It is a project on a vast scale, a truly original monument that seems entirely fitting to such a fantastic city as Barcelona.

Gaudi worked on the building up until his death, focusing on nothing else for the last 12 years of his life. Its incredible, original design has made it instantly recognisable, and it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city. A guided tour is worth taking to find out all about the history of the building. It’s also found right on Metro Line 5 so it’s easy to reach.

La Sagrada Família – While construction work on perhaps Barcelona’s most famous landmark began in 1882, it has never been technically finished. Even today, estimates don’t have it finally built until 2026. The La Sagrada Família was also originally constructed by one of Barcelona’s favourite sons and famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi (he is even buried there). The design features a near science fiction style set of spires, facades with detailed geometric designs on the interior.

Palau Reial Major (Palace of Catalan Music) – Barcelona’s most famous concert hall built between 1905 and 1908. Very much still in operation today, the concert hall can seat up to 2200 people and holds the prestige of being Europe’s only auditorium that is naturally illuminated during daylight hours which is provided by the huge dome-like Stained glass skylight. Make sure to check for any events at the Palau Reial Major while you are visiting for a truly magical experience.

Fundacio Joan Miro : This gallery contains Miro’s paintings from as far as 1914. Besides the painting collection, you will find his early sketches, tapestries and beautiful sculptures that are very admirable. Art lovers will love this gallery and who knows, you might just decide to start painting some of yours too.

There are many different types of architectural locations to visit when you are in Barcelona. Some of the most popular places are the beautiful churches that are around. One such church is called Santa Maria del Mar. It has a gothic style and it also dates back to the 14th century. Weekly, there are different types of performances that occur here like orchestras and choruses. These go over really well because the acoustic dynamics of the church amplify the sound and make it wonderful.

Aside from visiting the many popular churches, you should make sure to do some other activities such as taking cable car rides, going to one of the very popular football games at Camp Nou, catching a flamenco show, walking the boardwalks along the shore and taking in the breath taking views of the coast.

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