Real Madrid in the history of the prestigious no.9 football national teams

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The match against Auxerre, Real Madrid, is a step by step, but the Real Madrid players a stem or to substitute the game into a great enthusiasm, they win not to force of Auxerre, ensure that the team tournament undefeated, and also clear the door due to “Shuffle” and suffered UEFA punished the painful. In these alternate players, this Peter horse is one of the most dazzling, he spent his own a wonderful night, his name engraved in the memory of the Cheap Football Shirt fans, he staged a join Real Madrid after the first hat trick, where his first ball or Real Madrid in the Champions League after the reform of the 300 balls. Bensel Ma this evening feeling very good, 11 minutes he scored with a goal to help Real Madrid C was in the lead, Luo, minuote judgment, behind the Ze Ma close-up dive break at heading. Because of this goal, the Peter horse into the Real Madrid history, because this is the Real Madrid in the Champions League after the reform of the 300 balls. The first ball is a “terrorist” of Ivan Zamorano, time to go back to 27 September 1995 Madrid pronounce on Switzerland.Raul broke into the first 50 balls, Sabio to break into the first 100 balls, Ronaldo broke into the first 200 balls. Although the match points, such as a young player shouxiu, substitute goalkeeper duddeck finally get the chance to play, but in any case, this is a “night of the Peter horse.” Goal gave his great power and passion to break into the first ball, he almost didn’t celebrate, just moving in the sky made a gesture. This seems to be deliberately suppressed Chak Ma own happiness, not to Valencia on episode obviously he had caused great shock. He needs action, you need to score, you need motivation, 71 minutes, Ze Ma help Real Madrid was locked victory Rasmussen • Diarra says in passing, the Peter ball Ma FCA left with two step after small, lift legs they play far angle, the other goalkeeper Sorin pudao ball but failed to stop the door once again fell, 3-0. Enter the goal, Ze Ma Grand celebrations, he expanded his arm to celebrate, but you also smile, in the enter the third ball, Chak horse emotions completely broke out, 88 minutes, Auxerre Defender and the goalkeeper with mistakes, goalkeeper Sorin will pass directly to the back of the defender play gave the Ze Ma, France had the ball back regardless of the angle is not the poor, the ball flew diaoshe, also fell at the net. Bensel Ma happy smile, all repressed fears expressed, he used a goal for your perfect night of art to life. Although this is the other goalkeeper’s mistake, but a series of each other’s mistakes, has the Ze Ma actively fighting. At the last moment still have such a positive Wholesale Football Shirt Supplier, this Ze Ma so he had to. Despite Real Madrid assistant coach calanca said Bensel Ma not every game will prove himself, but in fact, since the month of August, he will have to prove itself over and over again. Whenever the ebb, Ze MA will fly, while your opponent is not strong, but his performance is impressive. From the summer onwards, horse around in this Peter who transfer rumors have not stopped, but Florentino, all was calm, reassure the Ze Ma can stay in Madrid; shortly after the start of the season, Las-Diarra and Mourinho a problem, or even make a move, and drag on the Ze Ma, but Peter horse training was very hard, and to make known its position and to Mourinho then ushered in a paid status, repeatedly in Duff have stunning performance; in Real Madrid to Barcelona, the Ze Ma a relapse into recession, Mourinho did not want to let him in on Valencia in appearance, but the Ze Ma ushered in the Champions League on their opportunities, with 3 goal completed self correction.The card after said Pao, Ze MA with a hat-trick proved his worth, Mourinho has he needs of 9 players. This was supposed to be a yts members night, but this Peter horse took the opportunity to prove himself worthy of Real Madrid in the history of the prestigious no.9 football national teams. The parties should the real buzz to the winter transfer market find Iguassu was a stand-in, France striker with an evening of all events are eclipsed by the COPPA to Mourinho for location. “I’m the team felt better and better.” This Peter Marseille after excellent mood, he mixed extents on the reporters said,” I enjoy the game, and this on my own and everyone on the team is good. I own three scoring very satisfied, and, of course, most importantly, the team win, we are pleased that the team wins. “This Ze Ma said that he will continue to work hard to get more play time his hope for the return as soon as possible the Iguassu, but now he must fully grasp the opportunities. But most importantly, gain confidence, Ze Ma said “realized that he was real Madrid striker” of important, this is a reminder, don’t forget their own. In addition the Ze Ma recognize themselves forget for a ball game, and players will be put on the ball with a hat trick, originally home to Spain football tradition. No matter what, this Peter horse with an excellent match to get my self-esteem, a hat-trick should help him to use a more positive attitude to face the challenges of the future.

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