Real Madrid dismiss Shakira

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Genuine Madrid yesterday, it is a very hot subject inside of. Previously, True Madrid every single two hours just before residence video games, the stadium’s speakers will play a sequence of songs for the supporters to produce atmosphere. Play the song the stadium is a single of the greatest Colombian singer Shakira actress. But from now on, this will turn into historical past, the long run of the race before the commence of fans will not hear Shakira’s voice.Real Madrid did not present causes for this, or any explanation. Track adjustments in the responsible person might only play songs update, but some doubt the immediate cause of this is and Barcelona defender Pique Shakira romance.Authors and Editors in the Spanish Federation of royalty fee, the former are in each and every game diverse new music. Recent period, in addition to Shakira’s songs, Sanz works are also often played, but the most regularly played Italian playwright Puccini’s opera “No sleep tonight.” The goal of playing the play at the exact same time, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium will be broadcast on the big display screen in current decades in the player’s video clip. Coincidentally, yesterday in the Shakira photograph of her and printed in the Peak social network, Genuine Madrid arrived to “ban” the Colombian singer’s message.Not prolonged in the past, Spain and Colombia were in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in a friendly, Shakira went to check out the battle scene. When enjoying Shakira’s famous stadium song Loca, the crowd echoed the followers in unison. This sort of a scene it is hard to confront again. of program the residence supporters to the website to view the Spain game followers diverse twist than graceful posture Shakira free to check out the video clip, they are much more inclined to see the Peak in the “Entire world War” in a fool of myself, despite the want to watch the game Actual Madrid Jerseys Admission fees to pay out. In accordance to rules, the club ahead of playing a song in the stadium need to spend royalties for the related songs. The amount of royalties depends on numerous elements, which includes the stadium potential. ‘s Bernabeu stadium can hold a lot more than 5 million people, so every single game they play new music for royalty payment of around € 147.89.Final time, some clubs will not play songs in order to conserve expenses. Real Madrid player prior to every game is Placido Domingo and Jos Kano, Nigeria Centenary specially designed for the songs. Even though the new music plays through the Kano I authorize, but the Spanish Federation of authors and editors are still to for a fee. Actual Madrid, in accordance to sources, the authorities concerned, the explanation presented is that the Ronaldo Jersey appropriate to use the work and the correct of reproduction can be marketed, but can not promote the copyright.In addition to the opera other than will be selected according to diverse occasions, different songs. As is frequently the initial to enter the stadium young followers, selected track are primarily for youthful people, these songs from Woman Gaga, Coldplay and Rihanna.

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