New world cup football shirt will no longer have Brazil Football Association signs

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Man Utd is one of the most popular team in the world, specially in Southeast Asia. However, Muslim in Malaysia received order from their religious leader not to wear the red jersey. china wholesale soccer jersey They think the red jersey is a blasphemy of Allah, and banned by Moslem. Islamic Council in Johore states that the cross, alcohol advertising and the devil’s sign in the jersey are blasphemy, Muslims may not wear.Man Utd is the most popular team in Malaysia, and most Malaysians are Muslims. It really has become a dilemma for them.

Becides Man Utd, the team jersey of Brazil, Portugal, Serbia and Barcelona have also be banned because of the cross in their jerseys. england football kit Their leader states: there is no excuse for wearing that kind of cloth, because as a muslim, you have accept a religion thus no entertainment,fashion or sport can make us compromise. replica soccer jersey supplier Harry Sonny added: wear this kind of cloth is a crime. Because display of other religion is a sign that this muslim values that religion more than his own.

But this decision has met many criticism of football fans in Malaysia, someone said in the internet: soon they will change the plus mark in arithmetic,bucause it’s not allowed. March, Manchester United was kindly signed a 5-year sponsorship deal with Telekom Malaysia and become the most talked about sports organizations in Malaysia. replica soccer jersey supplier “Anyone involved in our trip to the Far East last summer, knows Malaysia and Manchester United.” Manchester United CEO David Gill commented at that time.

In the past, Malaysia has been a moderate and reformist Muslim countries, however, the situation has now changed, in January, the local occurrence of acts of burning churches, in Februaryd three Islamic women is sentenced burn to death for adultery.

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