25 comments on “Thiago Alcántara vs Milan

  • richiehawtin87 says:

    @tristate2010 his mother is from brasil she played volley ball,and he lived all his life in spainn, only borned in italy because his father played in italy a little time, but he feel la roja

  • tristate2010 says:

    Thiago’s father is Mazinho played in the wc 94. his mother is from Italy. he was born in Italy and them moved to spain w/ his family.

  • barcakid101 says:

    he’ll probably replace xavi since he’s 32 already.give xavi 2 more seasons minimum at the top before he goes

  • lipecalietra says:

    Fuck.. i hate barça for being a superCANTERApower… Madrid have a good Cantera too, but Barça believe and support the kids.. madrid just sell the wonderkids and cannot hold the pressure, so they have to buy players…
    I am a madrid fan, but i admit it : barça are the best at growing players.. even better than Arsenal ( that doesn´t win shit )

  • they say he plays like xavi i can see that abit but i also saw him do the elastico than i thought hes going to be like ronaldinho now i dont know whats he going to be

  • @CristianoRonaldoCFRM why are RM fans watching videos of Barca players? Oh, I know, their own players sucks so badly and they want to watch some real talent (not just diving or getting sent off on purpose).

  • njbarcafan84 says:

    @bobbysuger he’s the new iniesta, he just needs a xavi to complement him, which is the position Jonathan plays yet both need to receive more play time and more guidance from their superstar others(iniesta & Xavi)!

  • njbarcafan84 says:

    @muncasteroger he cant replace bojan, cuz his a midfielder, he plays iniestas position, and jonathan plays xavis position. Bojan isnt bad, every player goes into a slump, if u were a real fan of la cantera you wouldnt say bojan sucks! he will prove a lot of ppl wrong

  • bobbysuger says:

    not new deco. was was a central playmaker, this guy loves to dribble more and hasn’t got deco’s vision for the game. he is more like a winger.

  • He is a very talented player but something misses, I think he has a little lack of maturity but this will come with time.

  • @WTFSTRIKEZ3 correction he was born in italy, but his parents are from brazil and he himself has said that he would only play for spain..

  • eldelasonic says:

    este tio va a ser un puto crack dentro de un par de años, cuando se valla xavi aparecera thiago, ni cesc ni ostias

  • 0.37 to 0.40 what a piece of trickery i hope he will be extremely beneficial for barca in the future maybe we are looking at the new iniesta

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