Why You Should Visit Barcelona and Valencia

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Beautiful Barcelona

Relying on no matter whether you are a soccer fan or not, Barcelona means various factors to distinct folks. Of course to a soccer addict it is the home of the well-known football crew but for those not so sportingly inclined there are numerous other treasures there to be explored.Barcelona sits in close proximity to a single of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean it is the 2nd largest metropolis in Spain and extends along the shoreline of Catalonia. In 1992, the Olympic Games ended up hosted in Barcelona which gave it instantaneous international standing as thousands and thousands watched the Olympics worldwide.

The origin of the metropolis can be traced again as significantly as the 2nd century BC and it has undergone numerous occupations over the centuries. In the older part of the township, you will see intricate architecture and uncommon designs decorating many of the buildings. Vacationers are drawn to wandering down Las Ramblas, a single of the a lot more popular streets adorned with market vendors, buskers and souvenir stalls. The road boasts shady tree lined walkways with eclectic tiny caf├ęs bordering the roadside.

In the renowned Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, you will discover the cathedral and royal palace making it effectively well worth a pay a visit to to a single of the oldest components of the metropolis.


Valencia can be discovered on the eastern shoreline of Spain, and the title is linked by many with the renowned Valencia oranges which are grown in large plantations around the town. The town has a colorful historical past and is known as the location in which El Cid, the famous Spanish folks hero battled the mighty Moorish armies. It is a single of the liveliest cities in Spain. Valencia is popular for its scintillating nightlife and the mild environment tends to make it a fantastic spot for a holiday or outdoor life style. The town features an Global Airport and also gets a great deal of targeted traffic by way of its extremely occupied port.

Valencia like Barcelona is also an ancient metropolis that can trace its roots again to the 2nd century BC. Even though the metropolis was constructed by the Romans, there is a robust Moorish affect which is nevertheless evident in some of the older buildings which mix with each other with more modern-day structures. The cathedral which was built in 1262 dominates the town and if you are adventurous sufficient, you can see wonderful views over the metropolis. Valencia sports a state of the art tramway technique which connects the beaches to their active promenade total of bars and tempting eateries.

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