25 comments on “Worst Miss In The History Of Football? Fahad Khalfan vs. Uzbekistan

  • NormalIsGreat says:

    Remark, this player won the prise of THE BEST PLAYER IN ASIA in 2008 or 2009, don’t remember.

  • NormalIsGreat says:

    @Yungnuty well, good luck to you too!! Qatar deserves some respect cause it has better pitches to play on, much better I tell you. And by the way, you don’t have to be that mean all the time. we need the internet to become better place than the real world. Can’t you just have self esteem and shut you mouth for a minute!! Thanx.

  • xXbird89Xx says:

    believe it or not, this player had the the best player award in Asia two years before this shot.

  • Pedru000 says:

    Pois é em 2022 tem que melhorar esse futebolzinho aí hein…

    Well, in 2022 they have to improve that little tiny soccer…

  • 666CaoCao says:

    @coldflame110 Wtf no he didn’t Lmfao! he’s still alive & Kicking.. the post

  • coldflame110 says:

    He guys I think it would be better if everyone stopped posting negative videos because Fahad went into a state of depression until he committed suicide on January 22nd. So please be more compassionate.

  • shadowsaber3 says:

    the organization of the world cup doesn’t have anything to do with the players of qatar , grow up people..they deserved it!! although i think fifa is starting to get mad since they chose messi for best player, but this choice was the right one

  • MsDeadCorpse says:

    Has he never heard of a right foot? This is reason enough not to let the 2022 wc be held in Qatar!

  • DamnArms12345 says:

    Qatar are going great guns in the asian cup at the moment. And the turnout to all the games has been impressive. Kudos fifa for choosing Qatar they won’t let you down

  • KingRooney89 says:

    That has to be the worst miss i’ve ever seen. Imagine the commercials you could use that for haha

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