25 comments on “Adel Taarabt The New Moroccan Super Star Football [HD]

  • ChristyLove816 says:

    Thank you Adel… I am new to learning youtube… so it took me a while to know I had responses.

  • maghad22 says:

    all moroccans love taarabt he has gift from god and he will be the best player in the world in the future

  • fabinho10slb says:

    Can somoene tell me against who did Taarabt made the skill at minute 0:55 ?

  • wydadi79 says:

    le ronaldinho marocain khamssa w khmiss 3lik ya weld taza l3ziza il va bien s ammuser contre l algerie 11 petits ponts hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • senoyones says:

    RaBi é7aFDo….incha ALLAH Le sTaR De Cupe Du Monde De 2014 au BréSiL

  • devillord18 says:

    As a Spurs supporter i really missed him. He was quality but very selfish. Always pleasing to watch. I thought if he had more time he would end up like Bale. Bale was untested until he was giving a run of games. Then again, we have enough players but he would definitely be a good sub now as VDV is out.

    Anyways, i’m glad that he has joined QPR and has more time to express his true talent than at Spurs bench.

  • mais la il se fout de la geule de tous le maroc c dommage il se plaint davoir voyager 22 heures en classe affaire quand lequie de zaki et tous les autres voyagais dans de penible periples dans des avions militaires, il devrait grandir et ne pas oublier que le public marocain est tres dur en plus il est bon il faut quil ne se froisse pas avec le public marocain sinon ca va devenir le anelka du maroc.
    Le nonbre de petit et grand ponts quil mets incroyable c vraiment sa specialite

  • boulammohamed says:

    Yes TAARABT should be playing for REAL or BARCA or AC MILAN or AJAX or MANCHESTER UNITED
    the first club who gets this skillful player will have great successes
    The Moroccan team will be unbeatable with this young Ronaldo-Like

  • happyfaithful says:

    assalamo alaikom asi taarabt . Stay with QPR and the prof Warnock and you will learn a lot of things, besides your mashaa Allah skills, you need for your future in football world and don’t rush plzzzzz . Maturety is very important besides the skills and Warnock will help you a lot in that side . I could see already his effects on you since the beginning of this season . So keep patience and go wisely till you reach the peak of the mountain inshaa Allah . May Allah help you in your way ameen

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