25 comments on “Football / Soccer Freestyle Tutorial – ATW How To Do The Around The World

  • MeisterDer0815 says:

    1:53 lol i made the same mistake the first time i tried this and i looked like a dork. then i tried to put a little spin on the ball and it worked. anyway im still lerning the outside atw. subscribed!

    greetings from germany.

  • @bradere2keva Nice im 14 and just learning how 2!! but im good on the field i never really focused on the freestyle

  • MrKongking141 says:

    what size ball do you use? i know it doesn’t make too much of a difference but still please reply

  • Jahmyies1 says:

    Aye watching all your vids learning a lot and I’m loving your songs on your vids

  • I suck @ atw but im getting there and btw all, the ball he is using is the EUROPASS adidas

  • nachopokx says:

    if you see well he dont pass is feet over the ball 0:20-0:29 he pass a part of his leg

  • I am 13 years old, Theonly trick I can do is ATW. MY juggling record is 50. I have to get better :((((

  • 999rahim says:

    @soocermaster9 good for u bather have fin doing it it took me alot of time to learnd but i didnt learnd properly

  • Andrix012 says:

    I really admire how you can do it and it looks like you’re not even trying. You can do the ATW as well as i can Walk. Nice. Did you just start by learning it step by step or did you learn it with the fluid motion?

  • SuperJesusskater says:

    i could only do it inwards i cant do the outwards but thanks homie..and you do it like nothing

  • JungleBoyProductionz says:

    I did it!!!!!, i was doing it only with one foot (juggling), but i found that doing it with both feet is alot easier! thanks man, now my total freestyle moves are :
    neckstall + shirt off
    Around the world!!!!

  • KittenzAV2 says:

    This video helped a lot. I kept in mind everything you said, and after an hour or so of practice I can do the outside ATW every other try with my right foot. Not total mastery, but it’s a step in the right direction.

  • ChuChuMan331 says:

    Thanks a lot man i can almost do around the world i’m getting better at it. Your video really helped please keep making video’s you’ve helped a lot of people.

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