Laporta keen on bringing Guardiola back to Camp Nou


Former Barcelona president Joan Laporta is interested in bringing back Pep Guardiola to the club. Laporta has said that he is most likely to run in the presidential election of next year. He is excited about running for elections and is aware that things will dramatic in 2021 but he has people whom he trusts. He was the president of Barca from 2003–2010 when Guardiola led the club to many victories and to win many silverwares.

Under Guardiola, they became one of the dominant teams of Europe. In the period 2008–2012, they have claimed nearly 14 titles which includes La Liga titles and two Champions League title. The team also won the Club World Cup and Copa del Rey twice. Guardiola departed Barca on 2012 but he remains as an icon for the club.

After his departure from Barca, he continued his winning streak for several other clubs of Europe. He was the manager of Bayern Munich from 2013–2016 and led them to three Bundesliga titles. From 2016, he has been the manager of Manchester City and helped them win two Premier League titles. Laporta was the one interested in bringing Guardiola to the club even though there were chances in bringing Jose Mourinho. He wants to repeat the same this time as he has a chance on becoming the president. He claims it as his s goal on bringing Guardiola back to Camp Nou.

I would very much like Guardiola to come back, but now he is at City and it is a decision that Pep should take. He is a benchmark for Barcelona and many Catalans would like him to train Barca again. At the right time, I will speak to the person we think should be a Barca coach from 2021,” said Laporta.