25 comments on “Lionel Messi: The King of Dribble [Part 1]

  • Darkuyt says:

    this is boring, messi is boring to watch, no matter how good he his, RONALDINHO is the only legend

  • zizouism says:

    the three best dribblers of all time all played for barcelona- maradonna, ronaldo luis nazario de lima, and now messi.

  • peloninator1994 says:


  • NinjaSagaComander says:

    @ojitaverde i admit ronaldo is the best dribbler of the world forever but HE AINT PLAYING SOCCER SO MESSI U RULE WOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  • 1hakunamatata7 says:

    i think messi puts a lil bit of glue on his celites before the game and thats what i call fast feet shit his fast

  • Axl124124 says:

    @jonap97 I agree, barca are probably the best assholes ever. Other then messi who is God.

  • Axl124124 says:

    I hate barcelona honestly. But Messi is God. The Messi Maradonna argument is irrelevent. We are witnessing one of the greatest players of all time and touchwood we will for the next 10-12 years atleast.

  • 1180julio says:

    @pn1984 you are right about Maradona but I got to see Maradona and he was my favorite player and he never played like messi. What messi does in one game Maradona would do it in a world cup. Yes Maradona wn a world cup but that does not makehim better than Messi or others, Maradona was my favorite player and he will be remembered by me and others but messi now is better but its a different time. no offense for Maradona

  • universe112 says:

    whyyyyyyyyy is this song playin??? lets hear the commentators. this sucks. i can’t even watch this video

  • MrXavi26 says:


    1st song Eminem – Lose yourelf
    2nd song Young Jeezy – I Luv It

  • @Jay2Rawr lol ur overreacting a bit too much, Maradona was a perfect player, he carried all his teams to the top, most of the trickts u see players doing nowadays he made them. My dad says he only seen 2 players that completely fulfill him, Maradona and Cruyff and now Messi. The only reason someone can say MEssi is better than Maradona is because football is way more competitive nowadays, its a lot harder to dribble pass the defenders nowadays then what it was then.

  • Jay2Rawr says:

    @pn1984 messi passed the comparison to maradona when he was like 10 lol and to be honest publicity was what made Deigo famious, he had a few tricks like any other normal player but not like messi.

  • MrColts420 says:

    He is insane… Vision, dribbling, scoring… The move at 1:46 is unbelievable… It’s like watching a video game every time I watch him play

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