25 comments on “Messi vs France 11.02.2009

  • DragonIncorporated says:

    Christiano once said; I was sent here by God to play soccer.

    Messi replied; I didn’t send anyone.

  • blopajmbar62 says:

    and people say Messi doesnt play good for Argentina? you serious? Hes amazing. Hes the best play in Argentina!

  • SunnyboyEVOLUTION says:

    @emrhslvr ur probably some fucken momo who doesnt know shit about football

  • SunnyboyEVOLUTION says:

    @emrhslvr i hate C. ronaldo to he sucks no teamwork like messi datz what make them suck !!!
    messi looks only good when playing along xavi and iniesta.
    lookk at the world cup messi ronaldo they were NOTHING !!!

  • Proffesionalable says:

    3:14 .. do you see that ? .. if it was c.ronaldo .. he would dive and pretend to be injured for 5 minuets .

  • nikelefn7 says:

    c brandao le meilleur joueur du monde susé le band d putin brandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo,brandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao,brandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao

  • magicmessiLM10 says:

    @elMagicoMessi10 You seems like a very smart person. Everything you say makes perfect sens Messi is a genius and in my opinion he’s the best football player in the world.

  • lloydthegreat1 says:

    @OandPProductions Country names vary in spelling / abbreviation from country to country. For instance the Republic of South Africa (RSA) is abbreviated RPA (Republika Południowej Afryki) in Polish. It’s just like how some people spell Brazil and others Brasil. It all depends where you’re from.

  • OandPProductions says:

    Did someone noticed that there was a mistake in the scoreboard? It s ArGentina and not ArJentina as far as i know…

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