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  • 8gerrard8 says:

    @imstm PSG was hardly a big team where they. Big deal if he was the best player in PSG, he wa only the best player in the world for 1-2 seasons. Not enough.

  • 9panahs says:

    It’s very ironic that the kids nowadays have “idols” Messi or C.Ronaldo…Ronaldinho made the football evolve.People who know about football should show their children what football is…… Messi , C.Ronaldo =Greatness Ronaldinho=Creator of Modern Football…Let the today kids learn the real football !!!!

  • @8gerrard8 at his time he was th best player at PSG.. AND Barcelona.. to be a legend at Barca well i would have to say he’s up there..

  • 8gerrard8 says:

    @imstm I never said he was a bad player, I said he was never a compete player. And playing well for 2 seasons then being crap for the rest doesn’t make him a legend.

  • @8gerrard8 Ronaldinho in PSG. 2001-2003. All Goals [by nitter] << type in that in search.. you'll see 'blistering pace' .. you'll see a 'header' .. you'll see a 'leader' in his passing and team play..

  • @8gerrard8 haven’t you seen how he ran past defenders, he’s technique didn’t look quick but he had better touch then anyone else though now the game has got faster, Ronaldinho was 1 of the top 10 footballers of the last decade which we all know that, he did alot of tricks and passes that other players didn’t do and could score goals, what you say about him might apply to him now but in his peak i can’t see what your saying. Plus him being the best player at Barca once is a big deal

  • 8gerrard8 says:

    @imstm He never had blistering pace like Messi, Ronaldo etc. He was never good in the air, always scared to get into challenges, was lazy, wasn’t a leader. He only plays well when the team is playing well, look at AC Milan. Zidane, Gerrard, Messi and even Ronaldo are more complete footballers than Ronaldinho.

  • @8gerrard8 im going to europe soon to play for some teams and hope to be playing up really high 1 day.. when i get up there.. yu can bad mouth me i won’t mind

  • @8gerrard8 are you been an idiot.. LACKED PACE? did yu see him at PSG.. ROCKET.. head th ball.. SEE TH HEADER FOR AC MILAN, see him defending .? He’s an Attacker like Messi n Ronaldo only defendin on th occasion and if he defends then when they go on th counter oh look some dumb guy suggested th best attacker defend, Leader?? that’s why he sets up goals as well as scores them.. Ronaldinho – two time FIFA World Player of the Year .. yeh not in th same league as Zidane n Maradona .. yeh rite

  • 8gerrard8 says:

    He was good but he was never a complete player. He always lacked pace, was scared to head the ball, never helped out the team in defending, was lazy, wasn’t a leader etc. He will never be in the same league as Zidane, Maradona etc.

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  • dbznino says:

    I just can’t believe how and why barcalona sold ronaldinho, and why ac sold ronaldinho.. Best ever

  • RIKOCH3 says:

    como el no se repite ninguno, el juego bonito nace con el y es el mejor legado que le ha podido dejar al futbol un legado de tan alto nivel.

  • MegasAlexandros28 says:

    @moneymike21000 You must either be on some of that dirty crack or havent seen much footage of the other players you mentioned. Messi duh … Ronaldo, hmm thats a close one … but Maradona and Pele??? Nah, you’re not on crack or anything, you just stupid.

  • MasterMuino says:

    I think Ronaldinho is the best footballer in the world so my nickname is Danaldinho

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