Guangzhou Hengda Blessing

Write-up by Vanscijane

A lot ado about folks in Guangzhou Hengda Red Football Club in the transfer of all they want, threatening military crew with the creating, was to wait around and see, a particular disdain and even more cynical. Hengda is a “wonderful feat” so far is only the beginning, to be blessed! Two many years ago, Xu and India with 500 million annual salary to employ women’s volleyball staff Lang Ping Hengda structures of lower yields, falling into the arms markets of China volleyball now employed in the identical way, almost a hundred occasions the funds, built a shadow “of the Chinese football crew,” the activation of interest, but the outcomes are considerably better than volleyball is slower, the largest industry of all the enemies of the China Football League. This feat, if not attracted to guys with empty forward one more view China Football Association, ecstasy, completely amazing. Hengda is a “professional”, and at minimum the beginning of the reform individuals fairly than expert football a shot. So far, they breathe, “eat” in Lin Peng Zhang, Hao Yang Guo Feng Xiaoting Zihao with the five global players, and seasoned the “old”, but none of the twenties, much more worthy of the primary national football and the wonderful first Zheng is only a handful of other “veterans” Gao Lin and other experienced gamers can even now be called Super Xiao Nianqing “Football-called foreign aid to thirty billion yuan less than the transfer of the Cleo also 26.The first intention of the Chinese specialist league is the “training and” unanimously “marketplace development is not critical, important, is” performance indicator. “National Team As a result, neglecting the interests of the club, and adjustment desires the professional league, club and nationwide crew of the very same strain, the reading through of the “league of performance.” Hence, intrigue, crime, sin, tough to keep. Searching about in Asia and the entire world behind and both teams are based on a strong domestic league and club teams, like the Japanese J League, the South Korean K-League, continental Europe League, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A whose players are on Genuine Madrid Jerseys Today, Hengda pioneers, first in the globe, shouting “5 wins AFC Champions” and set into action, self-awareness and aspirations of the club a genuine revival.Hengda present is: Shaping the king of Asia division, to inspire national counterparts bands retirement, consequently, their brilliant achievements, and preferential treatment method, also inspire far more youthful individuals arrive to football, to imitate, soccer, all these men Chinese finally provide. The truth, as Barcelona, Real Madrid as the Spanish crew the title of the paved road, and Bayern Munich, Manchester United with the Ronaldo Jersey Arsenal, Chelsea, Milan’s brother is primarily based in Germany, England, Italy and Brazil, Argentina, the column vertebral teams in the globe. “The building of the wall,” the most significant, although Super League this yr, when the “king.” It is needed to achieve the starting position for a series championship. Can not locate dynasty, and Abu Chelsea following “8 a long time of resistance”, because neither the taste of the Champions League, “Abu China”, Xu Hengda India and its football staff dare not disappointed Suye , and heard the chicken dance? “Continuous prayer for the brigade, I desire you all the way from start off to end!

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