25 comments on “Zlatan up close and personal PART 1

  • bordeauxjean says:

    inter talks in the lockerroom. “were getting a new sweede today” in steps a ghetto jugoslav with confidense, skill, and attitude they have never seen before..

  • miestershredder6 says:

    anyone know the song on this video that he’s blasting in his car at 2:28??? I”ve heard it before, can’t figure out who it is………….

  • ftlptba says:

    press teenage zlatan ibrahimovic here in youtube and u will see a 5part clip with earlys zlatan life where he was a player in sweden and when he transfered to ajax !!its really interesting everyone who will see it if u support zlatan ….!!!!

  • IbraDocu says:

    I’m not sure what the proper etiquette is on Youtube, but I just wanted to inform anyone who is interested in Ibra that I have uploaded another earlier documentary about him with english subtitles on my account. If you want more after watching this one I recommend it.

  • Yoshieman2 says:

    @doneliito Doubt it. I was watching, I think Barca vs Osasuna, and he got a red card for throwing a spazz and kicking a defender, when both were completely of the ball!

  • amsterdambadboy says:

    donelito i agree with you , if you follow his carrer you can really see change fr him , when he was young and still not a father to a father and family man .
    He is mature and keeping his head cool at all time , but sometimes you can see on his facecial expresson that it comes back to him a little bit the angry biy fr rosengard hahahahah
    anyways he is doing good and im happy for him .I have met him on several times while he played in ajax we use to hang

  • doneliito says:

    He may seem arrogant or have bad temper at least like 3-4 years ago but not anymore because he is much more mature now as a football player on pitch (has always been mature as a person though) after becoming father etc. His frustration on the field etc is just because he has higher expectations from himself, his teammates and that he got a winner mentality so he hates to loose that’s why but what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch for him. In reality he is a very humble & funny guy 🙂

  • doneliito says:

    I live in Sweden, I’m a Swede, I’m interested in football and have been following him ever since I understood football despite the clubs he has represented even though I’m a Milan fan. This guy is a unique player who maybe got some attitude and very much self-confidence but this is what got him so far where he is today, the level many players don’t reach. Do you think it’s easy to dominate in the football top world, and play in the best club when you’re from Sweden and not like Brazil?

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