Barcelona messed it up at Villarreal the other night

From a winning position, Barcelona messed it up at Villarreal the other night as the hosts made it a draw with their incredible comeback.

But, in spite of that, Luis Enrique was not a disappointed man and that’s because even that draw was good enough for Barcelona to extend the lead as the table toppers.

Atletico Madrid, Barcelona’s challengers for the title in the Spanish top tier this season, had been upset by Sporting Gijon the day before which had kept their points’ tally unmoved.

Barcelona, however, by the virtue of this draw increased their total no. of points by one and thus, still widened the gap between them and Atletico.

According to Enrique, any result which takes you further ahead of your nearest rival is a brilliant result.

The boss said, “One point at a Stadium which has always been hard for the opposition to come and compete at, it has got to be a good result.”

“Also, if you see the side at no. 2 was beaten, while, we have had a point which means our lead has stretched. So, it’s great from that point of view too.”

“Frankly speaking, this performance from Villarreal was not out of the blue. They are actually a class team and whenever you play them here, you won’t find it easy to put brakes on them because they have very good idea of their game.”

It’s after almost 5 years that a team has managed to draw a League game against Barcelona after being trailed by 0-2 going into the break. Real Sociedad had done that in the 2010-11 Season.

In this case though, there was an own goal to help Villarreal as well, but, that would not deny the fact that they showed remarkable fighting spirit.