25 comments on “Chelsea FC vs Barcelona FC 1:1 Semi-Final 6.05.2009 All Full Goals C.League

  • Footbalcrazychocomad says:

    I like Barcelona better than Real Madrid

    But this match watch the worse Champions League match ever

    The faggot Bald cunt Norweigan ref hates Chelsea i can tell

    He should had been charged

    He wasn’t allowed to stay in same hotel as a Chelsea fan

    And had to have police with him otherwise he would had been beaten up.

    He most shorly well I hope he doesn’t ref chelsea again coz the match would probably be the same as this.

  • 2601andrew says:

    Chelsea were cheated out this game by Barca…
    A year later Barca are cheated out the same stage by Inter…
    What goes aroung comes around.

  • giriisindahouse says:

    The good thing about Chelsea is that everyone from Hiddink to the players put it behind them after the match, even Drogba said sorry for his outrage. Now we have ‘The Whining One’ Mourinho who suffered much much less than Chelsea but goes to the media & starts a conspiracy theory. He’s even backed by Gaynaldo & his other players. Says a lot really about which is the better team.

  • eMeRGeeee says:

    Chelsea are falling apart now.. we have a shit manager and I hope he gets sacked after that game against Man United.

  • habbomanish says:

    @mizofan Thx. So this means that the first game at camp nou finished 0-0?

  • mizofan says:

    @kuriyamatidusflossy Oh yes, Mourinho has issues v Barca. Did you see the latest, the ridiculous Real Madrid disallowed goal. So Barca hypnotise, do they? The main people i see hypnotised are the refs. I’m not generally biased for English clubs v Spanish. I’m not English. Spain were victims of cheating ref v South Korea in the 02 world cup. But come on, with all these decisions for Barca, it’s getting ridiculous. And it was well known Platini and UEFA didn’t want another all-English final in 09

  • mizofan says:

    @habbomanish Chelsea would have been in the final, if it hadn’t been for all the ref decisions and the late Barca goal

  • mizofan says:

    It seems more and more people are coming to realise Barca haven’t been winning fairly in Europe, and the competition is being turned into UEFA’s little pet joke. Chelsea could have had 6 penalties and a decent ref would have given 3 or 4, with Abidal sent off earlier for foul on Drogba when through on the goalie. It would have been a massacre. Now we have the ridiculous semi final Real disallowed goal. How much longer can this carry on?

  • TaBaoHoBa says:

    The big robbery match! Fuck all fakers from Barsa and all referees who support them!

  • habbomanish says:

    what would happened if it would finish 1-0? Would Chelsea reach the finals? How much did the first game end at camp nou?

  • fleshpony says:

    @perthgloryboy yep, thats what most people say when they don’t like the fact others are right! Wow, your mum must be really proud of the fact you could write such a creative statement!

  • kuriyamatidusflossy says:

    @mizofan Of course when Morinho was defeated by Chelsea in 2006, he wasn’t planing that as a ambitious coach he thought just like 2005 they will go through the Barca challenge but it didn’t turn out to be because in the 1st leg Del Horno got red card (rightly so challenge against Messi) and Chelsea lost, Since Morinho was planing to get the CL cup for sure that year it was a big disappointment for him. (to be continued)

  • kuriyamatidusflossy says:

    He thinks he is just too good of course he’has been making accusation against Barca since that year every season because Abramovic didn’t want him since that year actually, so he has personal issues with Barca. I think you are bias when you say Barca is being favored by refs. Barca plays very patiently they play with opponent nerves, spin their head, hypnotize and score, English style kick-rush football would always fail against team like Barca.

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