25 comments on “FC Barcelona – 2009/10: An extraordinary season

  • Barca 2010/2011.
    Arsenal 2002/2003.
    Man Utd 1999/2000.
    Liverpool 1977/1978.
    Best squads in the world ever!
    Reply if you have anymore.

  • prodigiii712 says:

    @AKgooner92 same here they dnt need Fabregas they already hav the best squad in da world possible. yet they hav added Ibrahim Afellay the captain & best player of PSV Inonhove what is da need for Fabregas

  • HusicAnel says:

    Best team ever.Best season ever for any football team.Thank you,thank you for all joy you gave to me.

    Greetings from Bosnia & Herzegovina.

    Visca Barca i Visca Catalunya

  • Guilleramos says:

    @fsglima81 UEFA is gonna be very complicated because they usually play Champions League, as they normally reached semis. They had a chance a few years ago but they missed it. They were eliminated by Celtic Glasgow, at that time Barça was trying to set a good squad.
    Well perhaps in the future.

  • MisterSchnix says:

    That gives me the creeps!
    Barça Spanish Super Cup Winners 2010!!!
    Best Team 4 ever!

  • lilweeeezyy says:

    @Moomme93 ok man respect 🙂
    btw chelsea lost 3-1 that was a shame 😛
    it was a boring match -.- didnt rather watching it

  • Moomme93 says:

    @lilweeeezyy who the fuck cares if barca won? does that make chelsea suck? chelseas reserves lost with 5-1 not the first team, that was what i was talking about. and if we suck why did we win the Premier League, the best league in the world? Btw ive never said anyting about that barca suck, because they dont, they are clearly best in the la liga, and i think that they together with chelsea today are the best team in the world, so lets just stop arguing about this…

  • lilweeeezyy says:

    @Moomme93 well i dont give a shit , barca played with the reserves and they fucking won 😀
    i checked my info bitch 😉

  • stas077788 says:

    It was the best team
    It was the best football show
    It was the best season
    ever ever ever
    Barca Barca Barca

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