26 comments on “FC Barcelona vs Almeria 5-0 – All Goals & Full Match Highlights – 26/01/2011

  • benarfa31 says:

    Do yu know why I don’t like Barcelona?
    They are too perfect, it’s incredible and not funny!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    The players have the class, they never drink too much alcohol and they just do their work.
    The team take 2 goals per year!!! It’ s not funny! ^^’

  • beachsoccerworldwide says:

    Check out this classic match on our official channel;

    Barcelona 6-3 Milan


  • the other team’s goalie sucks man lol i could’ve saved some of those shots the scored on him lol pfss

  • tanio10messi says:

    My name is Tanser surname Tair i’m from Bulgaria on the 15 years I am I have talent I have only one only one dream to see my idol MESSI interfering and his other team this is my dream. I have talent but in Bulgaria is not how to show him.may I have the good of the best only to have such team to coach football player not was born it shall be set up.FORCAAAAAA BARCAAAAA

  • PineConeKing says:

    barca’s manager doesn’t even get excited anymore, he’s seen too many goals it’s getting old for him.

  • ucefsaidi says:

    @jaydtlnd i know what ure talking about, i remember he made something special ๐Ÿ™‚ if u got a link for this tell me pls!! visca barca!

  • maxitopas says:

    well i guess we can see now…how’s gonna be in the final…hehe!!! guess who????
    el real agains el barsa…..yeah….cant wait to watch that match again

  • hamoudeh009 says:

    @maxitopas he doesn’t, the defenders of almeria suck… he tried to save the first 2 goals but just couldn’t reach it ๐Ÿ˜›

  • thanks for upload (to bad>> the qualitie)
    the 5th goal assist was really good.
    messi is the best.

  • gyanendra289 says:

    ‘Oh! what a briellent finish by messi as always…. n i have no words to say.The 5th goal assists by him is excellent.Keep it Barca n its always pleasure to watch….!!

  • davidme5 says:

    @jaydtlnd sorry I could not get the latest goal with better quality so i had to put like that.

  • davidme5 says:

    hahahaahahahhahaha i havent seen better comment than jointbyidy for a long time

  • jaydtlnd says:

    i wanna see affelayยดs little skill almost at the end ,there was no replay

  • poobearpanda345 says:

    “Ball headed in… and it is headed in!!” thats good commentary

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