25 comments on “FC Barcelona VS Real Madrid CF (0-1) [Finale de Copa del Rey 2011] HIGHLIGHTS

  • คนเขาก็ช่วยขึ้นมาแล้ว ยังจะมาหาเรื่องอีก

  • Para los que dicen que C.Ronaldo no hace nada en los juegos importantes, aqui esta, GOLAZO!! y Campeones!! TOMA!! HALA MADRID!!!

  • brazilian614 says:

    @XComPointer no they dont I dont know if you’ve seen but Man U is the richest club in the world and shitlona pay the refs Madrid dont use they’re money and I’m pretty sure every futbol player plays for money

  • tumbeston44 says:

    hahahahaha XComPointer ”
    hahaha…Ronney makes history ..
    But how do you feel when you hert,that Real is Won 33 La Liga,and 9 LC ??

  • brazilian614 says:

    @XComPointer no I’m prettty sure I’m RIGHT!!!! Real Madrid=the most successful team in the world

  • XComPointer says:

    Barca and Man U is better because real madrid plays for money, Barca and ManU makes history…. Ronaldo makes money, Messi and Rooney makes history

  • @bono95zg only 1? go watch inter vs barca 3-1 and you will understand why jose is the best….. by the way jose also lose against barca on friendly before the season started that time in 2009… then in 2010 barca got raped big time… more shot on inter too…. in the second round inter down to 10 men in 15 minute

  • yeisson724 says:

    1:13 Ese es el mejor jugador del mundo? el que siempre anda buscando pelea? puto messi, puta barca!

  • yakamaniacs says:

    lol villa fouled real madrid than asked for the foul so the defender just tapped him like ‘are you serious’? than he pretends like he just got shot and madrid yanks him right up!! im pretty sure i just peed myself!! hala madrid indeed

  • darthvaderroxs says:

    @brazilian614 u are probably right but not the best. was the best =] not anymore but regardless they are very good.

  • MrRealmadridbernabeu says:

    the most successful football club in the 20th century! and the most football club w/ the largest number of fans in the world! (however barca has more fans in europe than madrid, but madrid has a larger number of fans in Spain)

  • @Shandyr4u3 tu eres ciego o idiota, es claro fuera de lugar. Y quien queda mal en lo de Villa es el mismo Villa que estaba haciendo la actuación de su vida y quedó en evidencia cuando lo pusieron de pie. Farsa-ntes todos! jajajaja.

  • brazilian614 says:

    in my opinion Real Madrid are the best team right now, I was born in Brasil and went to Madrid to play in the U13 Real Madrid club and U17 I had an awesome time I quit playing because I missed Brasil we always used to play against barca and won I think we only lost 3 times to them so in my opinion Madrid is the best and the most successful team in the world. HALA MADRID!!!!!!

  • @joeriii45
    ridiculous, you are just ridiculous
    if Barca won the CL than its not Pep but in Inter and Porto it was Mourinho??
    do you see how ridiculous your comment is??
    i really have no time to discuss this with you, its ur opinion, say what you ever want to say, i dont care about you

  • @al7abab cause of pep is trainer by barca eufalona? its not him who made barca win its because of cheating everyteam.. mourihno everyclub he playes they call him the best trainer they ever had so stfu about pep is better let him do this whit another club and we see how good he really is

  • @Shandyr4u3 otro forofillo que no ve el fuera de juego…. tampoco viste los codazos de villa por lo que reacciono asi arbeloa no?…. ya se como me dices forofillo…

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