Halilovic set for La Liga Return

Alen Halilovic is looking to return to the top flight of Spain now as he has realized that he made a mistake going to Germany at an important time of his career.

Halilovic had actually been advised to remain in Spanish top flight by Barcelona when they were selling him a couple of years back. They had told him that they rated his potential and could see him return to Camp Nou and play a great role in future and for that reason they wanted to place him at a Liga club so that they could easily follow him and could keep him in their sight.

There was even an offer on the table from Valencia and the transfer terms were agreed, but, then Halilovic’s dad came in between and demanded a crazy amount as transfer commission which made Valencia withdraw itself and then some of the other Liga clubs who were interested withdrew themselves too as nobody could afford that demanded commission.

Halilovic then ended up accepting Hamburg’s offer and making his way to Germany ignoring Barcelona’s advice, but, Barcelona still put a clause in his transfer deal which would give them an opportunity to get him back the next summer if they seek to, so that fans could once again get to see him playing in the famous shirt if they bought tickets through this link. The thing is that Halilovic has not made any big strides in Germany which Barcelona had thought he would make in two years. So, will they seek to use the clause present in that transfer deal? They will probably not.

But, what Halilovic can do is to go somewhere on loan, preferably to Spain if he can, in the mid-season and burst onto the scene there to catch the eyes of the Barcelona bigwigs and force them to think about him and have him back on their radar.