26 comments on “Real Madrid – FC Barcelona 2-6 All Goals & Highlights El Clasico [High Quality]

  • TheBasqueLand says:

    the decent n sophisticated spain is happy barça won..the backwards n scum spain is gutted barça won.

  • TheBataababy says:

    Hey fuckers! who’s the best? now u see! Stupid gay ronaldo . I never saw him. Where’s ronaldo? Where’s REAL MADRID yesterday?? Where’s Mourinho???? answer fucking gays

  • arselona14 says:

    @Homosapiondk Lol, even though the game today was good and sadly, i only caught the 1st half; the worse margin to lose by in any Football game is 1-0. But i like ur comment.. I’m glad Barca won… So Glad… Tiki Taka….

  • wweaddicted2 says:

    Thumbs up if you are watching this after Real madrid got beat 2-0 by Barcelona in Santiago Bernabeu

  • POLChelseaFC says:

    That match was a disgrace… Any real footballing fan would be disgraced at the way Barcelona portrayed themselves on that pitch with the diving and theatrics… Since when did getting a knock on the leg mean you would have to hold your face and do rolls on the ground?
    From a Chelsea fan… I hate Manchester United with all my heart but… THEIR IS NO WAY!!! NO WAY!! I could possibly support Barcelona over United with such a lack of sportsmanship like that!!!

  • naughtytoliet says:

    casillas suck balls
    and madrid fans say without casillas it would be 9-2 or what so ever..
    without casillas it would have been just 3-2 or 4-2..never6-2!!!
    look at the 1st, 3 and 4 goal he conceded

  • Con las novela de la prensa, las insinuaciones de doping y insultos, las tacticas sucias de mourinho con su cesped largo y seco, y las patadas de madrid nuestros chicos saldran al campo para compartir el bellisimo futbol y la vida que
    fluye atravez de cada camiseta del Barca alrededor del mundo. Hoy, manana, y siempre ganando o perdiendo somos Barca. Visca el Barca! Mes que un Club!

  • AnGeL10G says:

    “Ronaldo: “I was sent to earth by the god of football, to show everyone how football is played”

    Messi: “I don’t remember sending him…?”

  • amirRXZ2008 says:

    @tilek0 and madrid was using 6 defenders in oreder to stop mesi……what the fuck?????viva barca……….

  • TheCacho1981 says:

    Todos los del barca son unos hijos de puta mal y bien cojidos por el culo traguense esta putos 8===========-

  • @Soccersisterful you are absolutely right…the reality is that barca play beteer football than real madrid…real philosophy of football are contra to barca…well…football is about possession and always have the desire to score…that is what barca did…not like real madrid who just sit back and wait for the counter attack…madrid just play like shit…by the way…i’m please to know that alfredo di stefano (real madrid’s legend) did criticised mourinho tactic and approach against barca..

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