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January seven morning news conference in Rio de Janeiro Ronaldinho and AC Milan with the introduced the transfer agreement arrived at. Also present at the press conference, AC Milan, Adriano Galliani, vice president and agent of Ronaldinho de Asis, in accordance to Brazilian press studies, the up coming quit Ronaldinho is a Brazilian club. This time, joining Robinho, Ibrahimovic and Ronaldinho taking part in time extremely compressed, and Cassano Majesty the King left the group in Brazil is the strongest dedication. Ronaldinho and AC Milan with the Italian League Soccer Jerseys contract till the summer season of 2011 had expired, but following the two sides through helpful consultations, the Rossoneri are not Ronaldinho transfer aspects of the obstacles, a press conference in Rio de Janeiro, Galliani also been confirmed. AC Milan vice-president advised a news conference: “We accept the request for transfer of Ronaldinho, but not to suspend the contract among us, we want to help you return to Brazil at this moment, I want to Ronaldinho. Deliver my very best wishes to drop a wonderful player, Berlusconi was extremely sorry and saddened to hear the President, in his thoughts, Ronaldinho has been the finest participant in the planet, which in result in the course of the AC Milan with the sent a record 29 assists, but also a really huge number of target exciting. “Ronaldinho is also emotional, explained: “AC Milan in two and a half hours will be the greatest time period of my recollections of my coaching profession in the Leonardo, who was taking part in extremely properly, but then left. And the pc system staffs have undergone key alterations, speak to Galliani, I made the decision to return to Brazil to play I still want to participate in the 2014 Entire world Cup. “As for the potential of Ronaldinho, Gary Jani also submits their proposals, stated.”We will meticulously evaluate the offer Ronaldinho Personally, I feel Ronaldo with the Pirlo Jersey 21 really should choose flamenco, which is the oldest club in Brazil, gaining a lot more Of course, final. Want to make choices by agreement amongst the club and players,” stated Assisi Ronaldinho’s agent: “There are 4 Brazilian clubs interested in Ronaldo, who are Flamengo, Gremio, Russ Palma de Oro and the Corinthians. Convincing the release of Milan is no straightforward negotiation, really difficult, and now, Ronaldinho will be a tough selection to make, in accordance with the arrangement of the two parties before June next 12 months, the movement of Ronaldinho AC Milan have the final phrase.”Ronaldinho What if the club will choose as their following avoid? Italian media that the elevated probability of Flamengo, the club has powerful fiscal assets, Galliani has also been appointed, exactly where Ronaldinho to regain his position. The debut of the club, Ronaldinho, will not give up Gremio, Corinthians Ronaldinho looking more they want to function with Brazil’s Ronaldo and Roberto Rey – Carlos join forces to conquer the South American football.Inexpensive Soccer Jersey

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