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At Camp Nou, FC Barcelona gained a last eight position with a spectacular 5-2 defeat of Lyon. Audience were astonished to watch their incredible presentation in this season’s Champion League. Barcelona could manage to get the lead in two minutes, the two initial half-goals were from Henry, an astonishing goal from Messi, this wasn’t enough that Eto gave another one. Because of their early lead, Lyon couldn’t manage the lead with goals in ending of first half and beginning of second half. When Barcelona was really facing an almost dying phase, they held back their leads and increased it with a shot from Keita. Again after FC Barcelona’s midfield controlled the match, they comfortably attained a huge victory. The sole Spanish side, Villareal, made in the Quarter Finals, and the four English squads made a cut. Guardiola, at position 11, Valdes at goal, the four major players at defense were Alves, Pique, Marquez and Sylvinho. Toure, Xavi and Iniesta made up the midfield. Henry, Eto, Messi were the offensive trio.

FC Barcelona primarily took command over the match, but was incapable to penetrate the Lyon defense. It was matter of 15 minutes that the match shooted quiet well. After intercepting a dull pass from Lyon, Iniesta hit a good ball to Eto who was pulled down by Lyon supporter as a result he shot quite high. This was simply a preview of what was about to happen. In the next 25 minutes, Marquez slashed the ball to Benzema who in turn kicked a hard ball by which Henry was in front defense. Without any mistake, Henry took 1-0 to the lead and 2-1 up in total. Two minutes later Henry gave a tough blow to increase the score to 2-0. From the left, Eto brilliantly played the ball to Xavi in midfield. Xavi struck the ball to unharmed Henry to his left in the box, who without a mistake hit the ball low down the goalkeeper. Messi was ready to exhibit his ability in the 40th minute. Messi on the right got a long ball from Pique, who took the ball and with all his tact, passed three defenders after which he played the ball to Eto. Eto played it to Messi who drew the ball low down a headfirst goalkeeper. It was the lucky 43rd minute when Eto made lead 4-0 when Henry passed victoriously from Boumsong who missed the crucial interception. In the next minute, Lyon pulled back from Makoun header who got high above everyone in the defense and showed Barca’s failure to defend.

Lyon made another goal in the second half and in the 48th minute, Juninho gave a strong hope of survival by making 4-2. Delgado attained a free off from Iniesta to the right and Benzma darted Juninho apparently on a goal. Lyon tried hard to disturb Barca’s rhythm, but it proved to be futile as Barca came back to their courage and picked up again. The Lyon goalkeeper refuted Henry of gaining hat-trick in the 59th minute. After Xavi set up with Bojan, Bojan was denied by the goalkeeper in the 90th minute. Juninho been sent for second booking, Xavi played with a good ball to Keita in the 94th minute, that escaped the goalkeeper and with a great victory, the ball made its goal to the net taking Barca’s count to 5-2.

The first half was played astonishingly well with some weakness at the defense. Iniesta and Xavi played a imperial match and challengingly took the stress of the defense. Henry gave a professional approach to the match and so did Eto gear up on the score sheet. Now this was a perfect match where Barca’s won by 5-2.

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