The former Barcelona manager Guardiola recently announced that he will be returning from his year-long sabbatical as the manager of Bayern Munich. The German club have been successful in their attempts to pursue one of the most successful managers in world football over the last four years. His former assistant manager at Barcelona – Tito Vilanova, who is currently in charge of the Spanish club now, has said that he is extremely delighted that Guardiola is back in football management once again. The former Barcelona manager not only made Barcelona successful, but by playing an attractive style of football.

He will be taking over from the current manager Jupp Heynckes at the end of the season. Vilanova has said that he is even though he is delighted at the return of Guardiola, he did not know prior to the announcement where he would be heading. Vilanova worked under Guardiola for four years as the assistant manager at Barcelona. He has since taken over the full-time management role at the club, and he has been responsible for the best start made by any Spanish club to a league season. The club has managed to drop just two points in the first half of the season before finally suffering the first defeat against Real Sociedad.

“I didn’t know where he was going, I didn’t know anything. I suppose he couldn’t say. I’m very happy that he’s returning to football and to one of Europe’s great clubs. I don’t know what possible teams he could have gone to, nor the kinds of contracts he was offered but I’m sure they were all of the top level. He had time to choose and would have thought it all over very well. What’s clear is that he couldn’t go wrong because they were all top teams,” said Vilanova.