Pedro: Guardiola is like My Father; I will not join Real Madrid

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Barcelona whose players are on Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier had the first debut 3 years ago and now it becomes the major force but in the Trident MVP. During this process, Pedro has made great progress. Peter accepted today the “Mr. Football” magazine in an exclusive interview, PR17 showed his gratitude to Barcelona for helping his career and made it clear once again never to join Real Madrid. Pedro growth is inseparable from the trust of Guardiola. “I regarded Guardiola as my father because he gave me everything.” Pedro with the National Team Soccer Jerseys said that “the growth of young players needs a lot of conditions; the key is to have coach who will has confidence in you. Since he was a coach in Barcelona B team, the Pep Guardiola was very confident in me. I owe Guardiola too much, so I hope he will stay in Barcelona for many years and he will trust me as always.”Not long ago, when being interviewed by the Daily Sport, Peter has claimed that he will never join Real Madrid and reiterated that point today :” I never thought that I join Real Madrid though Real Madrid are great. I’ve said many times, my heart comes from Barcelona, not for money or anything else to move to Real Madrid. “Peter continued:” I have been in Barcelona for many years, people here are very good for me, so I can not think of moving to Real Madrid. Even if an opportunity comes for me, I’ll give up the chance as I have strong emotions in Barcelona. “In Peter Pei’s whose shirt is Barcelona Jersey Soccer opinion, Barcelona seems to have a chance to be the Triple Crown in this season.” Of course, the possibility exists, we are now three lines of a good performance, but it is very difficult to get the Triple Crown, we do not know what will happen, and now also talk about the Triple Crown.In the semifinals and finals of World Cup in South Africa, Peter will play his debut as he feels touched that Peter Del Bosque is very confident in him. “Bosco is very reliable for me; I want to thank him as the World Cup is one of the greatest matches of my career. My performance is very broad.” Peter added: “I am not nervous. As professional players, playing the final of the World Cup is the dream and the quest for the eternal. But ultimately, the tension, excitement and anxiety are inevitable. But when I started running, I forget everything; I just want to give my best performance.” After Guardiola took over Barcelona, Pedro being the second scorer of Dream Three Team scored 41 goals in all competitions. Can Pedro Transcend Messi with the Barcelona Jersey? He dares to think: “Messi is the No.1 in the world and he has scored many goals. It is very hard to catch up with him because he is a unique football player. I feel very proud to have such a teammate. ”

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